Dear Dirk,
“I have now received the 1st check for the month of April and I have paid my portion. The second check is supposed to be paid June 10th for the month of May.
I love Brighton Gardens for my home. It has a good reputation in the community, plenty of help when needed, three good meals a day, good entertainment and also a bus for shopping, doctor appointments, etc. when needed. The general attitude is optimistic. Also, good security. This letter is to thank you for helping me to apply for this service many years ago!”
God Bless You!
Charlotte J. Allen

Dear Dirk,

“We took out long term care insurance through your agency in 1992, expecting never to need it. Ed and I had gone to a retirement seminar and this was suggested as a wise investment. I cannot tell you just how wise it was, as Ed had to be entered into a nursing home last year. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which is such a debilitating disease and requires much care.

It is a very emotional situation when you are faced with having to put a loved one in a nursing home plus the tremendous expense. I am so thankful that we were advised to take out this long term care insurance. It gives me comfort to know that I do not have to worry about the financial problems that we might have had otherwise.

Thanks for your help and guidance with our long term care needs as it has helped immensely.”

Mary Jo Armstrong

Dear Dirk,

“When both my wife and mother-in-law came down with Alzheimer’s, I was devastated both emotionally and financially. Having a long-term care policy through one of your carriers has eased the financial burden. It has paid claims for both my wife and mother-in-law and has been easy to work with. I am glad we had the foresight to take out long term care protection five years before we needed it.”

Thanks again,
Larry Warden

To Whom it May Concern,

“Several years ago my father began his search for long term health insurance, a quest which turned out to be complicated and frustrating. I remember well the day he called to report that at last he had found an agent and company who were remarkably helpful and accommodating, and that he had at last finalized a policy.
A few months ago I received a phone call from that same agent, Dirk Weisiger, who was checking in to see how my father was doing. Though I had known about his long term health policy, I was under the impression that it applied only to a nursing home facility. When I told Mr. Weisiger that my father’s health was failing and that he had been receiving full time at-home care, I was surprised to learn that his policy did indeed cover in-home care.
Mr. Weisiger and his wife Susan went above and beyond the call of duty over the following weeks to make sure that we obtained the appropriate forms and that we completed the very complicated process appropriately. Without their interest and help, I doubt that my father would have found such a good policy, and I am certain that without their interest and help we would never have known about or have collected on the policy.
I am most grateful to the Weisigers and recommend them highly.”

Michelle Rumbaut
PS: This family ultimately received a check for $80,000.00 to cover the cost of their father’s care in his last days…after his passing. What a legacy to leave his beloved family!

Dear Dirk,

“I just want to tell you how glad I am that I bought that long-term policy from you. I broke my hip and have had a home health aide for the past year and a half. It’s been a blessing! Hope all is well. Thanks again.”

Elizabeth Post

Dear Dirk,

Mel and I purchased a Long Term Care Policy in 1999 from our agent Dirk Weisiger. Little did we know then, that we would be using that policy today. If it wasn’t for our Long Term Care Policy , both Mel and I could have lost our life savings and possibly personal assets.

Mel is now in a nursing home. IF we did not have a Long Term Care Policy, we could not have afforded the ongoing cost of $3000 per month, but because we have a Long Term Care Policy, our expenses in the nursing home are paid for and our life savings, estate and assets are protected. I recommend everyone should look into a long term care policy, even though you might not need it now, someday it could protect your savings.

If you are interested in looking unto Long Term Care, I recommend you call Dirk Weisiger, whom we have known for many years and who serves the southeast Texas area. He can be reached at 713/598-2166.

Edna Cunningham

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